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ASSIGNMENT: Final Portfolio

Your final portfolio will include 20 images shot during this semester. You should demonstrate a range of techniques and storytelling styles. It should contain a mix of news, features, sports, portraits and pictorials.

Up to five images from your time at Road Atlanta can be included.

If you are reworking your documentary project, that should be included, as well. If you are reworking your conceptual portrait, that can be included in your portfolio or not – up to you. If you want it regraded, please put a note in the caption or email me when you submit to let me know.


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Lab Hours

Through the end of exams …

Tuesday, Dec. 3: 10-3
Wednesday, Dec. 4: 9-5
Thursday, Dec. 5: 9-5
Friday, Dec. 6: 9-5
Monday, Dec. 9: 9-5 – Note that this is deadline day for the intro students, they will have priority
Tuesday, Dec. 10: 9-5

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We are rapidly winding down, so an update on what we have left …

Tuesday, Nov. 12: Day in the Life projects, on the server by 2 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 14: No class so you can attend the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.
Tuesday, Nov. 19: Documentary projects, a two-minute multimedia piece. Unless you have discussed this with me, what you showed last week must be what you show in this project.
Thursday, Nov. 21: Conceptual portrait/Illustration, due on the server by 2 p.m. This will be our last meeting … I know, either Thank Goodness or Oh Goodness. Each of you will have a different reaction.

We still have the Executive Portrait reshoot to work out. I will take those through 5 p.m. on Wednesday, December 4. Light kits will not be available for check out over break, so please plan on shooting this before break. If you wait until after break, you may not get access to a kit.

Your final portfolio is due, on the server, by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, December 10. Lab hours for exams will be posted next week.

Several of you asked about using the Petit Le Mans selects set of images. I have thought about this for a while and am willing to allow you to substitute a grade on those for one of the already submitted 5% assignments – Pictorials, Portrait the First, Sports, Quizzes or Portrait the Second. You must have completed the initial assignment in order for the grade to be substituted. Please let me know by Monday, Nov. 18, if you would like me to substitute a grade.

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Got some more questions …

Length: 5-7 minutes
Export Size: Large
Template: Go to Shell and set it to iOS_html5

There is no set number of images for this – you’re the storyteller, tell the story well. We need to see who they are, how they work and what their work looks like. The audio should be a mix of their interview and your narration. Think NPR-style.

You must export this on a licensed version of SoundSlides – if we click play in class and it’s a demo, I’ll stop it and move on to the next one. Your grade will be recorded as a zero. No exceptions.

Make sure it plays, is set to the large output size, is HTML5 compatible and is not from a demo copy of the software.

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DITL Examples

I was asked to provide a few more examples …

Kendall Thacker shadowed Erik Lesser last year.

And Wes Blankenship did Grant Blankenship.

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ASSIGNMENT: Conceptual Portrait or Illustration

Have gotten a lot of questions on what you need for Tuesday’s class, so here’s a right idea …

The idea is for you to have researched some different types of images and decided on a technique or style that you want to emulate or extrapolate from.

As an example, I’d like to learn how to light like Gregory Heisler does. (Yeah, I know, black and white … but look at the light.) The directionality of light in his portrait of Bruce Springsteen, for instance – look at how the light is almost leaking onto his face, just through the eyes and cheek, falling off at the forehead and chin.

Dan Winters has been working on this style, as well. He also plays with dappled light. And it’s almost like he’s working with little beams of light slipping in through doors and around old, dusty shades.

So, those would be some examples. From there, you need to sketch how you think it needs to be lit.

Do you need to do portraits? No, you could go crazy and try something much higher end, like Halsman’s Dali portrait. You could also try to illustrate a theme or idea, maybe a food shoot. Check out the work of Elizabeth Watt and pay attention to the way she uses color in her images – she works each frame with a narrow pallet and it just blows me away.

The goal here is for you to decide what you want to say and then say it – to shoot with purpose and vision. No surprises in this for you – design the image then make it happen.

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Petit Pictures

First, you can find the Petit le Mans Spotter’s Guide here, will help you ID which driver is in the car.

Second, images are on machines 1-12, number next to your name below is the machine your folder is on:

01 – Banes
02 – Bristow
03 – Crowe
04 – Deagen
05 – Hardy
06 – Maloney
07 – Pitts
08 – Salas
09 – Schafer
10 – Shim
11 – Smith
12 – Thompson

Each desktop also has a 13-Unknown folder – those are images with no file names, check to see if they are yours.

Your assignment, again, due on the server by 3 p.m. on Friday:

Folder 1, titled “131019_initials_Petit_all” – This is at least 20 images, many more if you have them, to go to the American Le Mans Series and Road Atlanta. Cropped, toned and captioned. They are less picky about captions, so if you don’t have fan IDs, we can take them. Drivers, though, need to be in there so they can search for them.

Folder 2, titled “131019_initials_Petit_selects” – This your top five images, which we’ll look at in class next Monday.

You should also write thank you notes to the visiting pros and Amanda Duval at the ALMS – I’ll have large envelopes in class on Thursday and you can drop your notes in there so we can send them all at once.

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Lab Hours

FYI, on Thursday, lab will open at 10 to give you guys a little more time to work on Petit images.

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Motorsports Workshop Handout

For those who need it, there’s a PDF of the motorsports workshop handout now.

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Here are the changes that are being made to the syllabus:

Conceptual Portrait: Originally due on October 31, this is now due by 2 p.m. on November 21. You will have to make a pitch, including sketches, in class on October 29. You will need to email me a set of PDFs of your sketches, sources, ideas, etc., by 5 p.m. on October 28. This should be a well-researched concept.

Documentary Project: This is being changed to a two-minute multimedia piece that is tied to on an ongoing national or international issue and touches on one at least one of Al Tompkins’ Five Things – Money, Family, Health, Safety or Community. Progress images (5-10) will be looked at in class on November 5. The story you show on November 5 must be the story you present on November 19.

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Lab Hours

T, 12-2
Th, 11-2
F, 10-3

Office Hours

In room 230

M, 3:30-4:30
T, 12:45-1:45

... and mostly whenever else the door is open